Seed to Nature to Medicine

Savim SA is a next generation pharmaceutical production company. Based in Switzerland, our ‘Seed to Nature to Medicine’ strategy is at the forefront of the emerging phytocannabinoid and plant-derived medicine and wellness markets. Trust is at the heart of all we do, and we have made it our mission to build an innovative, GMP-compliant grower and producer providing standardised, affordable plant-derived raw materials, along with medicines and wellness products of the highest regulatory compliance for global markets.

Our experienced team here at Savim firmly believe that Phytomedicines – and particularly phytocannabinoid-derived medical and wellness products – will influence consumer well-being across the entire world. We will successfully provide innovative treatments to previously unmet medical and wellness requirements, drastically improving patients’ and consumers’ lives.

Savim is implementing a “Seed to Nature to Medicine” core strategy. Savim and its strategic partners currently hold pipelines for phytocannabinoid-based medications and wellness products and unique formulations (Phytomedicines), both proprietary and for third parties, all under GMP certified regulations and facilities under our direct ownership and 3rd party strategic partners.

This includes our ability to create API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) of various phytocannabinoids alongside compounding to be used in future pharmaceutical treatment, wellness industry and research globally. Savim and partners have developed an efficient production and product pipeline of phytocannabinoid derived medications, with multiple products currently in clinical development and testing and wellness products already in the market.

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